Tona B. Dahlquist Casting


UPCOMING NEEDS…6/24 & 6/27


6/24 FRIDAY – Needing 5 year 2000 Gemstones Workers. These should NOT be any gemstones workers from this week or anyone overly seen on camera this week. No facial Hair on Males. At the moment that is all that is needed. NO CHURCH CROWD ON FRIDAY
SUBMIT with heading 6/24 Gemstone worker ( 2000) Avail.


6/27 MONDAY -Year 2000 Epsidoe. Needing the following
* 4- 5 Males to portray year 2000 Gemstones Security. They will become Media types in the next scene.
* 15 More Church Protestors with vehicles ( not white or cherry red) years 1990 -2000. Can use a few in the early 2000’s that have the same body style. If you had a car flyer on your car yesterday, that means yours may work. INCLUDE VEHICLE INFORMATION AND PHOTO OF VEHICLE IN SUBMISSION.
* 20 -30 More Ethnic Protestors ( any ethnicity other than caucasian) ADULT Males and Females. ( year 2000)
* 40 More Caucasian Church Protestors ADULT Males and Females ( year 2000) No facial hair on these Males please.
No one submitting as a Church Protestor ( year 2000) should be anyone featured in Church Filming this week.
* We still have fitting spots available this afternoon for this scene. Those being pre fit receive $35 for fitting & $50 for covid test prior to entering fitting. Reminder IF a covid test bump is given you will only receive it IF you show up for your filming day.
* If you have already submitted your avail for Monday 6/27 you do NOT need to resubmit. Now that we have a few minues to spare, we will be going thru all of those submissions and send out avail check messages.
* SUBMIT with Heading 6/27 PROTESTER AVAIL.
SUBMISSIONS should be sent to with heading as listed above.
* Not already on file with current photos and information?Please include the following: 2 CURRENT Photos ( a close up and a full length, Name, Phone, Age, City/State you reside, Height/Weight, Clothing Sizes to nclude Shoe, Description of visible tattoos and piercings, Color, Make, Model, Year Vehicle you drive.

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