CASTING NOTICE for Raleigh area short film.

Shoot Dates: Oct. 5 and 6

$100 per diem plus meals.

GIRL (female, late teens) Lead. Headstrong but naive. She may look like a sun soaked surfer girl, but she holds the cautious mind of a well trained fighter.


ADEN (male, late 40s) Co-lead. Rugged, protective, stern. His gruff exterior protects his teddy bear insides.


SCAVENGER (male, early 20s) Co-lead. Thin, lanky, tender eyes with a sinister smile. Handsome, charming, dangerous.


Please send a video audition to with the name of the desired role in the subject line. Sides to be read for each role are attached.


This film is a proof of concept for a 2018 PAGE Award Finalist feature screenplay. Filmmaker’s previous work can be found at:

We look forward to your applications.

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