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Casting Lead Female Actress

Tue, Jun 21, 2:36 PM (22 hours ago)
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Casting lead female actor for webseries “The Darkness.”

Must be local to Raleigh, North Carolina.

We will film in Raleigh, North Carolina. Filming begins this fall in September, continuing through October 2022.

Looking for ages 18 to 24

Appearance: light or olive skin with dark eyes and dark hair, i.e., Persian, Egyptian, Spanish, Native American

Kaylie is born of both dark and light. Her father, Kael, is the vessel of a Darkness he cannot escape. The Darkness ensnares Kael so that he remembers very little of how he got to this state. Kaylie is trying to take care of her dad, but she is both a teen with questions and very much a child. Kaylie and Kael are best friends, but as Kaylie matures the Darkness fights the Light that is growing within her. How Kaylie learns about her powers and harnesses them will determine whether she can save her father.

Send a headshot, body shot, and acting sample showing emotional depth (if no reel or clip, a dramatic monologue). Please give your availability from July to August. Please use a medium-wide framing to see hand gestures. Also, please slate your name, location, age, and agent if you have one.

Credit, copy, and craft provided

Submit materials to cskfilms31@gmail.com

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