Title: Hagism Series Pilot

Location: Atlanta, GA

Filming will take place: July – August 2019

***(plan on 8+ hour days)***

Writer/Director: Makesha Williamson

NO PAY. You’ll get food and access to film for your reel.

Please send answers to these questions:

I understand that I am volunteering my time and will not be paid to participate in this project: Y/N

I understand that I will be given food, credit and access to the film for my reel: Y/N

I understand that I must be available for dates provided for filming: Y/N

I understand that I may work 8+ hours each shoot day: Y/N


SUBJECT LINE: Hagism / Role you are applying for


Your first and last name

Child’s name (if applicable)

Cell number:






Two CURRENT headshot or Two RECENT and CLEAR cell phone photos: one full face, one full body.


Full Character Breakdown:


1. Amber Johnson (Straight) – 20’s, Female (African American), Main Character.

2. Omarr Greg (Gay) – 30’s, Male (Open Ethnicity)

3. Derrick Baker (Gay) – 25 – 30’s, Male (African American)

4. Tasha Collins (Gay) – 20’s, Female (Open Ethnicity)

5. Gabriella Smith (Bi-Sexual) – 30’s, Female (African American)

6. Ruth Montgomery (Straight) – 25 – 30’s, Female (Open Ethnicity)

7. Alex Gibbs (Straight) – 20’s years old, Female (Open Ethnicity)

8. Melissa Moore (Straight but Curious) – 30’s Female (Open Ethnicity)


9. Doctor Matthews – Any age, Male or Female (Open Ethnicity)

10. Restaurant Guy 1 – Any age, Male (Open Ethnicity)

11. Restaurant Guy 2 – Any age (Open Ethnicity)

12. Gabriella’s Wife Samantha- Any age, Female (Open Ethnicity)

13. Rodney Cooper – 20’s (Open Ethnicity)

14. Amber’s Mom Jennifer- 50’s, Female (African American)

15. Amber’s Dad Ray – 50’s Male (African American)

16. Jerome Gibbs 30’s, male (Open Ethnicity)

17. Michael Bryson – 20’s (Open Ethnicity)

18. STUD 1 – Any age, Female (Any Ethnicity)

19. STUD 2 – Any age, Female (Any Ethnicity)

20. Eric Morrison – Any age, Male (Any Ethnicity)

21. Waiter (No Lines) – Any age, Male or Female (Any Ethnicity)


Each Character has a story line to their lives.

AMBER JOHNSON is from a small town and has Christian parents who are against homosexuality. One of Amber’s best friends was gay, died from cancer but the rumors that he died from AIDS became too much for Amber to deal with. They planned to move away from their town to the city but when her best friend was on his last breathe, he made her promise she would go. Amber and her dad does not have a great relationship because he disapproved of her friendship with her best friend.
OMARR GREG is a single gay man whose partner cheated on him with his best friend. For the past 2 years he has been living single. He’s considered the big brother of the group and knows everyone. Omarr has some issues but he puts them in the back closet to deal with later while focusing on being there for everyone else.

TASHA COLLINS is a gay woman with no interest in men at all. Very promiscuous and dealing with daddy issues. Tasha’s goal is to turn every straight female gay because she does not trust that a man can make a woman truly happy. Tasha is hiding something about her past that will eventually catch up with her.

DERRICK BAKER is a gay man who is looking for true love. He is a dancer and a beautiful drag queen. Derrick only goal in life is to have love, marriage and happiness.
GABRIELLA SMITH is bi-sexual, she was married to a man, but she is now married to a woman. She is dealing with a lot of emotional issues and can’t get away from her past that can ruin her marriage. Gabriella will have to make some life changing decisions.

RUTH MONTGOMERY is a straight woman and is the owner of the non-profit organization that employs people regardless of race, gender or sexuality. Her organization is very successful and helps many companies and families.
MELISSA MOORE is a straight woman, but curious who is best friends with Tasha. Melissa is also looking for love, but Tasha keeps trying to tell her there is no such thing. Melissa will run into several dead-end relationships that will have her questioning if Tasha is right.

ALEX GIBBS is a straight male who is very comfortable in his sexuality. He is friends with gay women and men. Alex is a male gigolo who is determined to turn gay women straight just, so he can have them. Alex family disowned him because he chooses to be friends with homosexuals. His big brother Jerome will try to reason with him. To contact their parents and rebuild their relationship they once had.
MICHAEL BRYSON is Amber’s best friend that is a gay man, who is killed from a hate crime.

RODNEY COOPER Derrick’s roommate and best friend who is secretly in-love with Derrick and is always there for him and supporting everything he wants to do in his life.