On Location Casting

MEMPHIS, TN Casting Notice – Feature Film “Brian Banks” for work on WEDNESDAY 10/18/17

**NEW FACES who have not yet worked on this project in anything other than a large crowd football audience scenes ONLY!**

—PLEASE SHARE with any Local MEMPHIS, TN & surrounding areas friends/family you know who fit these talent specs!!!–

**PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT to this booking if you are not 100% fully available and committed to work on this date! We do not yet have the Call Times so you must have the day free & available regardless of what the call & wrap times end up being!

PAY RATE is $64.00 for 8 hours ($8/hr with an 8 hour guarantee) with time and 1/2 after 8 hours. You will receive a check in the mail in approx. 10-14 business days.

Location is in the MEMPHIS, TN area.


GRIZZLED MAN: male, Caucasian or African American, age range late 50s-70, rough around the edges, bearded or stubbly facial hair, slightly unkempt, to portray a man who has just been exonerated and released from prison


REPORTERS: male and female, all ethnicities, age range 25-50, upscale, professional, conservative, MUST have nice office/business attire

ATTORNEYS: male and female, all ethnicities, age range 28-65, conservative, upscale, professional, MUST have nice business attire (SUITS for men, skirt or pant suits for women)

CAMERAMEN: male, all ethnicities, age range 25-55, film crew types who might run camera for a news reporter, prefer those with video camera experience so that you look like you know what you are doing

PEDESTRIANS/CLIENTS: male and female, all ethnicities, age range 18-80, variety of types who have business at a court house

To submit for work – Please EMAIL US to: brianbankscasting@gmail.com with subject line WEDNESDAY BOOKING. You MUST include first & last name, height, weight, a valid contact number, city/state you live in and a RECENT photo. (NO SUNGLASSES PLEASE! – we still have to be able to see your face). NO blurry or pixelated photos!


**PLEASE DO NOT send more than one email! PLEASE DO NOT email if you don’t fit these casting requirements or are not available on the listed work dates!! We are NOT currently accepting submissions for other Principal or background roles.