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Casting for new episode. Shooting Sat and Sun in Charlotte, NC – June 25th and June 26th depending on role.

*Submit headshot and full body shot to
*Put name of role in subject line of email
*also Include sizes, location, and contact info in body of email
Special Instructions:
Prefer local hire but will provide lodging for main role if needed.
ROBBY’S FRIENDS / Featured Extra / Male / 19 – 28 / Caucasian
To play Robby’s friends. Should be muscular. Body builder type. Fit. Partying with Robby.
Needed Sunday, June 26th, 8:30pm-12pm
Rate: $75
ROBBY EDDY / Lead / Male / 20 – 32 / Caucasian
To play the real life Robby Eddy, who was in federal prison for racketeering and drug charges, before he found sobriety and God.

*Must resemble attached pictures*

(we can have our MUA do tattoos)
Must be able to show emotion.
Needed Saturday June 25th full day, and Sunday, June 26th full day
Rate: $250
Note: Per diem included, and lodging if talent is not local.
PRISON FRIENDS / Featured Extra / Male / 21 – 45 / Caucasian, Hispanic
To play a group of prison guys waiting for Robby.
Should be rough looking, or body-builder types. Strong.
See attached pic
Needed Sat June 25th 1:30pm-5pm
Rate: $75
POLICE OFFICER / Featured Extra / Male / 30 – 40 / African American
Police officer who arrests Robby.
Needed Sunday, June 26th 8:30am-12pm
Rate: $75
CASEWORKER / Supporting / Male / 40 – 50 / Any Ethnicity
Robby’s caseworker in prison who can’t believe his sentence is reduced.
Needed Saturday June 25th 8:30am-12pm
Rate: $75
EMT / Featured Extra / Male / 45 – 55 / Any Ethnicity
To play EMT who revives Robby.
Needed Sunday June 26th, 1:30pm-5pm
Rate: $75

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