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Youth Group.

This is a proof-of-concept shoot, meaning that we will film Act 1, as well as BTS footage, and interviews with the cast and crew. Then, we will submit the video to a crowdfunding campaign (or campaigns) in hopes of raising enough funds to make this Pilot in full, and eventually, a 10-episode series.


In this mockumentary-style sitcom, the small-town youth group of Paradise Church is facing dissolution. In retaliation against church politics, Timothy Spade enlists his eclectic youth group to save the program.
This is an ensemble show. Each character is, more or less, a supporting character. A la Friday Night Lights.
The Youth Group characters are underclassmen high-schoolers (14-16).
Preferably, the submitting actors will be over the age of 18 with the ability to easily pass as an underclassman. No ethnicity requirements. Some talent and physique requirements are required and noted.
Shoot Range: July 18th – 22nd
Filming Location: Thomson, GA


Jimmy Earp – MALE, TEENS. A bit brash and endlessly goofy, but nevertheless grounded in his academic achievements. Dylan’s best friend and brother, his more outgoing confidant.

Dylan Earp – MALE, TEENS. Unconfident, shy, young, small. He suffers from social anxiety and facial acne—on medication for both. His application of LOTR knowledge is his outlet for creativity and risks…he’ll need to take more.

Wesley Drumley – MALE, TEENS. The oddball. He sports a mullet, carries a hunting knife with him, and is an energy drink connoisseur. Yet, he also works at the local weekly paper as an investigative journalist. Socially awkward.

Tanner Shelby – MALE, TEENS. Football player, built. Hyper Masculine. He loves to show off his style: short shorts and a cherry-red Camaro with custom license plates. Annabelle, his on-again-off-again girlfriend, is more than a pretty face to him, though he dares not show it. (Muscular build required)

Annabelle Hillcrest – FEMALE, TEENs. Cheerleader. Born into the richest family in Paradise County, she’s used to getting what she wants. However, her most elusive target is now Tanner Shelby, the current love of her life. The rocky relationship balances between momentary order and lasting chaos.

Brittney Donnadieu – FEMALE, TEENS. The aspiring influencer. Views Youth Group as a time to gossip with her friend, Annabelle. Over time, however, she’s confronted with her shallowness and is intrigued with an unexpected love for music. (Fluency in French and/or other languages preferred, but not required)

Juliet Foxboro – FEMALE, TEENS. The great beauty in the room; charming, funny, and the center of Dylan’s infatuation. She’s a varsity basketball player with aspirations to play college ball for USC. Though her aspirations are hindered by her secret struggles with an eating disorder.

Avery Bowman – FEMALE, TEENS. The purity-ring and W.W.J.D. bracelet-wearing fundamentalist. Booksmart and beautiful, but her snarky attitude and Bible-thumping often shroud it.

Dansby Madison – MALE, TEENS. High school senior, the muscular barista with elegant charm and good looks…and he knows it. He’s nearing graduation from high school, but a surprising love interest catches his eye. (Role requires the height of at least 6’0 and a muscular physique)

January Layton – FEMALE, EARLY 20s. Spade’s fiancee. She’s a concert cellist currently sidelined with a wrist injury. In the meantime, she becomes involved in the Youth Group as a temporary co-leader and mentor, especially to the girls. (Role requires vocal and musical talent, preferably piano and cello)

Mrs. Bethany – FEMALE, 40s/50s. The church’s main benefactor. Severe and no smile wrinkles. The antagonist. She exerts her control on almost every church committee and doesn’t like to hear the word “no.” A strict, uptight woman who dresses twenty years younger than she is.

Pastor Dave – MALE, SENIOR. The church’s longtime pastor. He’s an easy-going soul with a love for God and the youth program. Though his church’s attendance and funds are plummeting, he provides a fatherly influence to Spade and leadership to the church.

Please send information to hello@oakfilmco.com with the email subject YOUTH GROUP, and the CHARACTER NAME you’re interested in along with any resumes and demo reels. We look forward to your submissions!

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