Marty Siu Casting

PANHANDLE – Looking ahead to Episode 7, which starts on Tuesday, we are in need of more HISPANIC BACKGROUND ACTORS for this series which is supposed to represent Florida.

We absolutely love the background actors we’re working with and we will keep you working as much as possible, and we also need to reach the Latino community in Savannah.

Please help spread the word so we can have more diversity in our last two episodes. Panhandle wraps at the end of the month so we’re looking forward to working with many of you in the next few weeks.

Anyone interested in being in our Sony tv show, filming in Savannah GA, please follow these steps and help spread the word as we need new faces soon.

If you are local to Savannah GA and fully vaccinated, please first register for our show in our database

updated video tutorial here:

and then email us at with the heading of the role in which you’re applying (ex: New Face) after you’ve created a profile in our database. In the body of the email please let us know if you’re local to Savannah GA and if you’re fully vaccinated.

This is a Zone A fully vaccinated production (meaning if you’ll be unmasked on set or around the actors who are unmasked you must be fully vaccinated). This is production’s rule, not mine, so please refrain from a political debate on this thread.

Pay rates on Panhandle are:
background actors – $110/11 + $30.00 covid test bump +$25.00 car bump if we use your car in the scene.
Covid tests take place on set the day you work.
Thank you.

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