CASTING FEATURE FILM in York County, SC and Charlotte, NC AREAS!

“Torn”, is a Non-Union Indie Psychological Horror/Thriller Feature Film that will be shot mostly in the York County and Charlotte areas of South and North Carolina. Local hire preferred.

TORN follows a troubled father who retreats to a town full of werewolf lore in hopes of dealing with personal demons, but to his dismay must face the truth of his past, or risk becoming a part of the legend.

Accepting initial submissions until May 30th. Shoots June 26, 2022 to July 10, 2022. All ethnicities welcome to submit unless designated. Roles are paid unless otherwise designated.


(Southern Accents Requested)

Sheriff Mike Lewis: (50 to 60s) Supporting. Has been the small town Sheriff for decades and has made tough personal decisions to ensure the safety of its citizens. Though the weight of responsibility is finally starting to wear him down, he does his best not to let it show. $100/Day. (9 days.)

Denny Barker: (30s to 40s) Supporting. Best friends with TJ Bowers. Small town redneck and loyal friend to Sheriff Lewis. Loves to fish, hunt, and pick on outsiders. $100/Day. (4 days.)

TJ Bowers: (30s to 40s) Supporting. Recently Divorced. Small town redneck with a big heart who loves getting outdoors with his best friend, Denny, and Sheriff Lewis. Ned’s nephew. $100/Day. (5 days.)

Silas Stube: (8 to 10) Supporting. Super sweet kid who hasn’t let his tumultuous home life affect him. Caucasian. $100/Day. (2 days)

Maybelle (Mae) Lewis: (50s to 60s). Supporting. Has seen first-hand how her husband’s responsibility has worn him down. Supports and protects him at all costs. $100/Day. (3 days.)

Ned Bowers: (60s) Supporting. The town drunk. Is at the center of the town’s legend controversy. Stopped caring what people think a long time ago. Is an incredible storyteller. $100/Day. (3 days.)

Regina Jenkins: (40s) Day Player. Fed up with Sheriff Lewis’ inaction on Bilford’s most pressing problem. Works behind the scenes to undermine him. $100/Day. (4 days.)

Sheila Stube: (30s) Day Player. Lost interest in her husband years ago. Is working on setting up a new life for herself and her son. Caucasian. $100/Day. (2 days.)

Kevin Ratcliffe: (30s) Day Player. A man struggling to deal with sobriety but who appreciates the love and support he receives from AA. $100/Day. (1 day)

Mrs. Epperly: (50s) Day Player. Chairperson of the Bilford AA group. Runs it with wisdom, empathy, and compassion. $100/Day. (1 day.)

Cheryl: (20s) 2 scenes, 2 lines. Serves the same people the same meals every day. Wants to save up and get away from Bilford. $100/Day. (1 day.)

Mac Epperson (40s to 50s) 1 scene, 7 lines. Loyal supporter of the Sheriff. Works closely with him and does his best to amplify the good the Sheriff does. $100/Day.

Cashier: (16 to 20) 2 scenes, 2 lines. Nosey about the customer’s purchases as it helps pass the time. Unpaid. Meals, Credit, Reel. (1 day.)

Manager: Unpaid. Meals, Credit, Reel. (1 day.)

Chester: Unpaid. Meals, Credit, Reel. (1 day.)

Kelly: Unpaid. Meals, Credit, Reel. (1 day.)

If interested, please email Dale Deacon at In the subject line, include the name of the role in which you are interested. Include a recent headshot and resume’ in the email, and if available, a link to your IMDB profile.

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