Central Casting (Georgia, USA)

NEW Streaming Series – now casting ACAPELLA PERFORMERS!

Annabeth is currently casting REAL ACAPELLA PERFORMERS to perform live as part of an upcoming episodes for a NEW streaming series! Ideally we’d love to book an established group of ~10 performers (able to portray college age) to perform together, but we’re also open to submissions from individual performers who have experience performing with acapella groups and who are COMFORTABLE learning an acapella song with other singers in a short period of time.
**** There IS a TBD gas bump for any performers who are travelling from outside the Atlanta area!! The amount of the bump will be determined by the distance travelled.
Dates: test Mon 6/13, fit and re-test Wed 6/15, work Fri 6/17 PLUS a TO BE SCHEDULED rehearsal some time in the next week!
Location: Testing in Atlanta, fitting in Decatur, filming in Atlanta + Decatur
Rate: $150/12 for filming + $37.50 for testing + $37.50 for fitting + TBD gas bump for performers not local to Atlanta

If you are available for ALL listed dates, please send the following information in an email:
1. Full Name
2. Phone Number
3. Current Photos (headshot + full body)
4. Current Sizes- height, weight, waist, shoe, dress size or pant size
5. Do you have any experience, professional or otherwise, performing with an acapella group?
6. If booked, would you be travelling from outside Atlanta?
7. Do you meet the criteria for working this project? (both fully vaccinated or medically exempt)
8. If you have relevant video clips showcasing your abilities as an individual singer OR performing with a group, please link or attach.
Send to:
1. Group Name (if applicable)
2. Name + phone number of primary contact for group
3. Number of members available/interested in working
4. Any photos of your group together
5. Any relevant video clips showcasing the abilities of your group
6. If booked, would you be travelling from outside Atlanta?
7. Do you understand the vaccination criteria for working on this show, and do you believe your group would be able to provide singers who meet the vaccination criteria? (If you’re unsure, please just say so!)
Send to:
Subject Line: “ACAPELLA – GROUP”


This production is requiring EVERYONE over the age of FIVE to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and to be considered for work THE MINOR *AND* PARENT/ GUARDIAN MUST FALL INTO EITHER OF THE TWO FOLLOWING CATEGORIES: (1) fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson) or (2) have a disability or sincerely held religious belief that prevents vaccination.
As a condition of working on set, you are required to get a paid Covid-19 test at a production sanctioned testing facility prior to any work date(s). Additional testing may also be done on workdays.
While at the test facility and on set, Production requires that a face mask that covers your nose and mouth be worn. All possible work dates are contingent upon clearing these tests.