Central Casting (Louisiana)

NOW CASTING FOR 20th Television & Disney+ The Crossover:

Looking for women who can portray African American, portray ages 25-40, and are familiar with different kinds of African style dance and men who can portray African American and have the ability to play a djembe drum.

Films in the New Orleans area.
Will be performing in a small scene set in the mid-19th century at Congo Square.
Filming Rate (Higher Rate): TBD
COVID Test Stipend: TBD
Filming in June!
Submit ASAP for consideration: detailsnola@centralcasting.com the following information:
1. Legal Name
2. Contact Phone Number
3. Current Photos (these will be sent to Production please make sure they are clear
4. Current Sizes (height / weight / dress / pants / coat / shoes)
5. Are you registered with Central Casting?
6. Women, what experience do you have with African dance. Tell us about it and send a video of you performing (if you have one).
7. Men, do you have experience with playing percussion (specifically a djembe drum)? Tell us about it and send a video of you performing (if you have one).
8. Do you have a flexible schedule for filming?
This production has a mandatory vaccination policy for all Zone A workers, including Background Actors, Stand-Ins, and other talent ages 5 and above working on its set. To be eligible to work on this production, you must be (1) either (a) fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine AND received a “Booster” if you are eligible for a Booster according to CDC guidelines (click here to check if you are eligible for Booster) (Also: if you received the AstraZeneca and Novava x vaccines, then three doses of any combination of Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, or Novavax vaccines would deem you Boosted) or (b) fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine but not yet Booster-eligible; or (2) have a medical disability or sincerely-held religious belief that prevents vaccination. Any offer of work is “conditioned” on you providing adequate proof to Production that you meet either of the criteria mentioned above. If you are unable to show adequate proof to Production, then you are ineligible to be hired for this particular Production.