Casting Call

MEMORY: Short Film Casting Call

Memory is a UNCW MFA in Filmmaking film project. This will be Dustin Abernathy’s
debut science fiction film about the trust one places in a new technology in order to
retrieve memories from the past. Inspiration will be taken from series such as The
Twilight-Zone, Black Mirror, and Close Encounters of The Third Kind. Seeking actors
to play the following:

Primary Characters – Open to all genders and ethnicities.
(Lead) Howard Shaw: age 25–40; An unassuming, pleasant, reserved, blue collar,
relatable person searching for forgotten past.
Dr. Naomi: Age 30–50; Technology guru with dreams helping those with memory loss
or disease place the pieces of their past back together.
Connelly: age 25–40; A stony faced technician in coveralls and graduated large thick
lensed glasses.

Secondary Characters – Open to all genders and ethnicities.
Young Howard: 10–15; Happy to be alive, easy to please.
Howard’s Mother: 25–40; Single parent, working class.
June: 18–25; Love interest of Howard, motivated, wanting something more.

Please send link to headshot and resume, by May 15th to Dustin Abernathy at The Shoot is taking place June 17th–20th in Wilmington, NC.
More work by Dustin Abernathy can be seen on Instagram @dustyabernathy or Vimeo at