Marty Siu Casting

PANHANDLE – We are now casting background actors for Episode 4 . In this episode we will need the following:

*3 VIETNAMESE SALON WORKERS (experience preferred).

*3 JIG FISHERMAN (experienced preferred).

*3 SweetWater FRIENDS (not strippers, just dressed skimpy and hanging out with our actress who plays a stripper in the show).

*1 SweetWater Bartender (experience preferred).

*7 FISHERMEN (including crabbers and trollers – experience preferred – wont actually fish but need to look authentic).

If you are local to Savannah GA and fully vaccinated, please first register for our show in our database – updated video tutorial here:

and then email us at with the heading of the role in which you’re applying (ex: VIETNAMESE SALON WORKER, STRIPPER FRIEND, FISHERMAN, etc…) after you’ve created a profile in our database. In the body of the email please let us know if you’re local to Savannah GA and if you’re fully vaccinated. This is a Zone A fully vaccinated production (meaning if you’ll be unmasked on set or around the actors who are unmasked you must be fully vaccinated). This is production’s rule, not mine, so please refrain from a political debate on this thread.
Pay rates on Panhandle are:

background actors – $110/11 + $30.00 covid test bump.
Covid tests take place on set the morning you work.

Thank you.