Marty Siu Casting

WILMINGTON NC FILM – We are looking for the following extras:

*2 Bobette’s Daughters – blonde ages 3 – 6 (5/9).

*1 lanky 15 yr old boy (5/9).

*1 18 yr old teen boy – troublemaker look (5/12).

*1 photo double for Jim Gafigan. Must look like him from behind (skin tone, height, build, must be willing to get hair trimmed 5/24).…/nm0300712/mediaviewer/rm4155606017/

*1 son, age 3-6.

The above dates could change but this is our guestimate for now.

To submit for this film please create a profile in our database, using the activation code, SHIPS,

and then email us at with the heading of the role in which you’re applying (ex: Son, Daughter, Troublemaker Teen, etc… ), after you’ve created a profile in our database.
When you create your profile in makescenes, you’ll 1). add the activation code: ships. Then you 2). click: add projects. Then you 3). scroll down and click: save info.

***If you already have a makescenes acct with us, simple add the activation code: ships, then click: add project, then scroll down and click: save info and you’ll be registered for this upcoming Wilmington project.
Thank you.