Central Casting (Georgia, USA)


Looking for REAL LIFE FAMILY OF 4!

Dates: Test April 19, Fitting April 20, Filming April 22

Location: Conyers, GA (for fitting, filming and testing)

Adult Film Rate: $135/12 (test pay $33.75, fitting pay $33.75)

Minors Film Rate: $150/12 (test pay $37.5, fitting pay $37.5)

*FAMILY OF 4: Looking for a real-life family that consists of 2 parents, a toddler, and another child 10 or younger. This will be for a small scene; you will all appear on camera together as a family! This role will be photo selected by the Director, so photos should be CURRENT and in good lighting. Everyone (except the toddler) will be required to take a COVID test prior to fitting/filming. Must be available for ALL dates!

To submit, please send:
1. Children’s Names + DOBs
2. Parent’s Names + Phone Number
3. Current Photos of the 4 of you all together!
4. Clothing sizes for all 4 family members
Send to:
Subject Line: “FAMILY”