Bill Marinella Casting Inc

Please tag any Savannah re-enactor groups/ people.

Soon I’ll be looking for 1800s period looks, so men start growing the beards and facial hair so we can trim and shape t near the end of April for fittings- THINK CIVIL WAR ERA -men and women and children- seeking union and confederate soldiers

If you have your own proper and fit civil war era soldier and civilian period clothing, it’s possible we may use them pending costume approval- this will be especially helpful for those that are larger people than what costumes has sizes for-
please apply by creating a profile here:

under the wardrobe section there should have a checkbox for “civil war era” or 1800’s era” wardrobe, so click that box and upload full-length and also headshot style ( we need to see hair length /color/facial hair, etc) pictures of you CURRENTLY wearing these clothes- you should still be able to fit in these clothes that you own. Filming Savannah areas

Thanks Bill Marinella