Marty Siu Casting


Hey Savannah locals! I love seeing so many of you signed up for this project in Makescenes already! For those of you having trouble with the site, fear not… we are working on a video tutorial that will be up tomorrow to help those who are like me, sometimes technically challenged.

I’ll have more information tomorrow afternoon but HEADS UP… even though we don’t start filming this fun show until late March, we just got word that we’ll need a few background actors for a PHOTOSHOOT to be in flashback photos. This photo-session could be as early as March 17th, so if you fit the following categories, please FIRST SIGN UP IN MAKESCENES by following the directions posted. After you’re signed up, please email me at with the heading of the bg role you’re applying for, ex: BRIDESMAID, GROOMSMEN, FLOWER GIRL, PROTESTER. In the body of the email, let me know that you’ve already signed up for Makescenes and if you’re available to work 3/17 (st pattys day) if that does end up being the confirmed photoshoot date. Must be local to Savannah GA as we may not have much notice and need you to be close by. Please hold all other emails for now. I will continue to announce when we need more specific talent. For now please email us if you fit the following categories:
* 2 GROOMSMEN (ANY ETHNICITY) ages 18 – 30

If you are already registered in makescenes from a previous show and you’d like to be in this show’s database as well, simply go to your account and add the new code: “Florida”. Then click “add project” Then scroll down and click “save info” and you’ll be added to Panhandle.
Full instructions for database: If this is your first time using Makescenes, please create a profile at using the activation code, “Florida” and click the “add projects” button. Add your information, name, size, etc.. then scroll down and click “save info”. Please be on the look out for a verification email from makescenes. Once you verify your account, you’ll be able to upload your photo. This MUST be done from a computer, not a phone, as makescenes is not yet mobile friendly. If you’re already registered in makescenes, simply add the code word, Florida, in the “add projects” section, to be added to this particular series, and save your info. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ATTACH A PHOTO as that is how the director make the selections. We’ll have a tutorial video up tomorrow to help with those who are visual learners.
Pay rate $110/11 (you shouldn’t be there near that long for a photoshoot but you’ll be paid $110 for UP TO 11 hours, even if they wrap you after 2 hours). We’ll have info on location, calltime, wardrobe, and covid protocols as soon as possible. For now the director just needs to see photos of interested Savannah locals, to make his selection. If you’re selected for this photoshoot, we’ll be in touch within the week.
Thank you.

PANHANDLE UPDATE – Covid protocols for working on this film are as follows: All people working in ZONE A (meaning on camera or in scenes with on camera actors – since those folks will be unmasked during filming), this includes bg, must be fully vaccinated and able to show proof. This is NOT my call, so please no political fights on this thread. This is the Production’s rule for working on their show, Panhandle. Fully vaccinated means you are up-to-date on all shots that you are CDC ELIGIBLE for… example, if you’ve had your 1st and 2nd covid vaccine and its only been a month or two since your last shot, then you are fully vaccinated because you’re not eligible for your booster until 5 months after your 2nd shot. If you’ve had both shots and its been 6 months, and you’re not boosted, then in that case you would not be considered fully vaccinated until you receive your booster. Please make sure you have your vaccination cards handy, or a photo of it. Everyone will take a covid test on the day you work as well and you will be paid for that. More details to come. I’ll post as I know more.
Thank you and please stay tuned. I look forward to working with you later this month.