Cast and Crew Call for “Trailer Trash”, a short film.

Synopsis: “Trailer Trash” is an R-rated comedy that follows the struggles of a few poor small town North Carolina rednecks going about their daily drama-filled lives. This will be the first episode in a five part mini series.

Genre: Comedy

Title: Trailer Trash

Production Type: Independent

Director: Clayton Christopher Wood

Producer: Clayton Christopher Wood

Compensation: Gas money

Audition Information:
We are currently only accepting video auditions for acting roles, you must have your audition tapes in by March 1st to be considered for the role.

Locations : Lillington, North Carolina, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Shooting Dates: Saturday March 12th, Sunday March 13th

Must be available from 9:00 am. To 7:00 pm both days, times are not exact, we may finish early some days or finish later others.

Food and gas money will be provided.

Covid protocols will be enforced and all crew and cast must be vaccinated or have a recent negative test.

Crew positions Needed:

Audio engineer with their own equipment including Boom and lav mics.

Script supervisor


Character Descriptions:

Mayor Al Henderson – Mayor of the 4.5 mile long town known as Homers, NC. Father to Mae Henderson, grandfather to Larry’s kids. He despises Larry and is always coming up with ways to sabotage his relationship with Mae. Trashy white man in his mid to late 50s.

Junior Jackson Sr. – Always tries to beat Larry and the gang to the punch when they’ve hatched a scheme. Talks a lot of shit to his son who is basically his sidekick. They have a Rick and Morty type of relationship. Trashy Redneck white guy in his late 40s.

EXTRAS: We need a few people to act as trashy rednecks for one scene. Each extra is free to design and bring their own redneck costume and will shout random lines in the best southern accent they can do.


If you are interested in any character or crew positions, please contact the email above to receive the sides for the character.

Thank you for your time! We look forward to hearing from you.