Title: GARTH

Synopsis: This is an absurdist, dark comedy about suicide and maternal relationships. Garth is tired of living his life, tormented by his traumatizing childhood at the hands of his mother. His suicide is taking longer than he hoped, so he decides to confront his mom before his death, but who he meets isn’t exactly the parent he was expecting.

Garth, male (20 – 40):

A perpetually scared and depressed man, he is only truly happy when making PB&J sandwiches. His encounter with Marcy is the first positive maternal experience of his whole life.

Marcy, female (40 – 70):

Driven bitter and callous by the suicide of her son, she has little understanding of someone’s decision to take their life. Her conversation with Garth expands her empathy for such people and their choices.

Location: Actors must be currently located in Austin, TX.

(Unpaid) (Nonunion) (Meals provided)

Auditions will happen on a rolling basis over zoom in the coming weeks.

This is a great opportunity to meet the UT Austin MFA graduate directors who are looking to build relationships with actors and hopefully take them into their pre-thesis films next year.

Shoot: The production will last 3 days and will happen somewhere in early-mid March in Austin, this means possibly during spring break.

Required: Headshot/Photo, Resume, and Reel.

Email these materials to: and use subject line: GARTH AUDITION