Casting for Non-Union Commercial

Non-Speaking, Featured Extra Roles:

Alpharetta, GA




8-10 yr

6-7 yr

4-6 yr

Baby 10-18 mo

The project is for Flack’s Flooring, shooting next Thurs 1/13 and Fri 1/14. Cast would need to be available for both days, but will only shoot 1 day. I am looking for an African American family and Caucasian Family – 14 Extras total.

It will be for two commercials – In the first they will be dancing in the living room. (Audition Music attached) and in the second commercial, they will be interacting with their child at varying stages of their development. (Both scripts attached)


Pay is $200. I prefer actors with children who can play the parts, but can cast individuals depending on the talent available.

Alpharetta, GA

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