Bill Marinella Casting Inc.



SAG Contract:

SAG Scale plus 10 ( only if you have an agent )

Name and cell and your location with headshot resume and audition as instructed below:
Submission Deadline: 11/25/2021
Casting Director: Bill Marinella
Shoot Date(s): Dec 6th / possibly 7th
COVID SAG PROTOCOLS FOLLOWED Example: pretesting 48 hours before a fitting,and 48 hours before a workday
Location: ATLANTA
**You can not have worked on They Cloned Tyrone ever
**Self-Tape Asap! Deadline November 25th
Must be a True Local living in Atlanta
No housing /No perdiem/No Travel
Again, testing with SAG protocols and likely a fitting with testing before that-so you should be in ATLANTA GA.

There is NUDITY in the project, but this character will not be near or in the same scene.
[HARRY THE HUSTLER]Per production, we are seeking this age group 28 to 35 years old, African American, Black male.
Please do not try and fool me with outdated headshots or submitting outside what production is asking for, Thank You
He is SKINNY and doesn’t weigh as much as he should, and not a musclehead, please wear a t-shirt or a wife-beater so we can see any chest hair would be great too He’s chill but always trying to sell or make a deal, he is not an Invasive character but he is fast-talking and smooth in a slightly irritable, but likable, not in a desperate way
*Harry lives in the same neighborhood, and he will always be “that guy” at the end of the block, at the bodega, or liquor store trying to sell you something, in this case, he is selling CDs.
PLEASE DO 2 TAKES, completely different timing and adjustment, back to back. NO MORE THAN ONE MINUTE EACH PLEASE.
Don’t forget to slate to the camera, NAME, HT, WT, WHERE YOU LIVE
This audition should be ALL IMPROVE let’s see you sell something to multiple people passing by.
ABOUT THE SCENE: Set in the present-day world, in this SCENE There is an AF/AM/Black male who is hustling some items out of his jacket pockets, Car Trunk, etc, to multiple passersby.
So ad-lib and improve is what the director wants to see.
Your self-tape is to be no longer than 2 minutes, plus the slate.

The character is in a busy place so a few different eyelines to represent who you are talking to would be a good idea, DONT stare at the camera, please.
And remember age 28-mid 30s only

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