Casting TaylorMade

SAMSON // Photo select roles to play younger versions of principal actors – 10/14

BABY T. – Black males age 0-1 years
TODDLER T. / M. – Black males age 2-4
YOUNG M. – Black males age 5-8
TEENAGE T. – Black males age 11-19
R.W. – Black males age 40-65
YOUNG A. – Black female age 25-35
FEATURED TEEN Playing basketball – with main actor
Black male with experience playing basketball age 11-20 years
If you are AVAILABLE TO WORK —> Please fill out the form below and upload a current photo with your submission!

COVID TESTING DATES: October 11, 12, or 13 between 9am-9pm

MINORS: $150 for 10 hours of work
ADULTS: $150 for 12 hours of work

$30 Covid Bump (we pay you for coming to get tested)

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