Feature indie comedy, cameo part

Cameo in feature film.

20s or 30s. Male. Any ethnicity.


Shoots September 28th, in Hillsborough NC.

Rate $100.00

This is a feature length indie comedy about a struggling musician trying to make it big in the music world.

In this scene, an eccentric musician decides to star in a music video that is parodying Goldilocks, and he hires actors to portray the three bears as shirtless lumberjacks, playing instruments. (It’s a lot, we know.)

The eccentric musician finds them at the local gym, so we’re looking for people who lift weights. The role will ask you to be shirtless for a decent amount of time so we are looking for people who are comfortable with that kind of objectification. That said, let us know in the submission what your boundaries are—our first priority is making everyone comfortable!

If you play any instruments for real, let us know. It’s a bonus, but not necessary. If interested, please send a headshot and resume to New32productions@gmail.com.

DEADLINE: September 24th