Central Casting (Georgia, USA)


Dates: Test Monday 9/20, Work Tues 9/21 – Fri 9/25

Rate: $175/12 (test pay $43.75/2)

Loc: Atlanta + Norcross, GA

*Must be registered with Central Casting*

9-11 Year Old GIRL PHOTO DOUBLE: Looking for a girl who portrays AFRICAN AMERICAN, as close to these sizes as possible:

height 4’7
weight 75-80lbs
Size 10/medium
If you fit this description and are available for ALL dates next week, please send:
1. Child’s Name + DOB
2. Parent’s Name + Phone Number
3. Current Photos
4. Does your child have any tennis experience?
Send to:
Subject Line: “DOUBLE”
As a condition of working on set, you are required to get a paid Covid-19 test at a production sanctioned testing facility prior to any work date(s). Additional testing may also be done on workdays.
While at the test facility and on set, Production requires that a face mask that covers your nose and mouth be worn. All possible work dates are contingent upon clearing these tests.