Central Casting (Georgia, USA)


Show: Ordinary Joe

Date: Covid Test Sunday 9/19 – Filming Tuesday 9/21

Location: Atlanta, GA

Rate: $175/12 (filming day) + $43.75 (Covid Testing Rate)

SKATEBOARDING DOUBLE: You MUST know how to ride a skateboard well for this role – please do not submit if you’re a beginner or do not know how to ride

We are looking for a girl or boy ages 9-13 who can portray Caucasian with sandy brown hair (unless you’re a perfect match to the sizes listed below then please feel free to submit) – please see the photo below – skin tone / hair color / hair
length should be a match to the photo

Height: 4’7 – 4’9 // Weight: approx 60-75 lbs
Waist: 20-24 inches // Hips 27-30 inches
Tshirt: Youth 10-12 // Pant youth 10-12 // Dress youth 10-12
*All Minors must have ONE parent or guardian on set with them at all time – this same parent or guardian must covid test and clear as well*

*Minors MUST be registered with the GA Department of Labor in order to work – if your minor does not have a GA Dept of Labor Certificate please sign them up here: https://www.dol.state.ga.us/public/es/mie/minor/login (Scroll to the bottom and hit “Register Here”

*If hired we would like to get your minor registered at Central Casting before Sunday – this can be done via Zoom*
*please e-mail the following information*
1. Full name of Minor and Parent/Guardian
2. Contact info – please include a phone number – we will reach out for hiring
3. Minors Sizes – Please list their Height / Weight / Pant / Shirt / Shoe / Hip Measurement / Waist Measurement / and show size – if selected production will provide the appropriate clothing based off your sizing
4. Current photos of your minor – please make sure we have a current photo of their face (where the hair is fully visible) as well as a full body – Bonus: If you send us one of them skateboarding
5. Minors Date of Birth and Georgia Department of Labor number
6. Please give us a brief description of their skateboarding experience (How long have they been riding? Can they do tricks? Are they comfortable skateboarding in a park?

JOE@CENTRALCASTING.COM // Subject Line: Minor Skateboard Double

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