Hylton Casting

Hylton Casting is currently casting extras to work on the HBO Max Limited Series Staircase in interior House Party scenes filming on Thursday, 9/23/21 in Atlanta, GA.

Extras working in these scenes will be required to sequester in a hotel for 3 nights before they are scheduled to work, checking in Monday afternoon 9/20/21, and staying through Thursday, 9/23/21. The hotel accommodations will be provided by the production and COVID-19 testing would still be required daily at the hotel. Prior to your check-in at the hotel, preliminary COVID-19 testing will also be required at the hotel in Atlanta, GA on Sunday, 9/19/21.

Extras will receive a quarantine bump of $232 each day + $53.50 per diem each day that you are sequestered. You will receive a rate of $104 for 8 hours for the date that you work on set.

Please visit the following link for more information and to submit:


Thank you,
Hylton Casting