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ATLANTA – FEATURED Background Casting Notice


–Vignettes (Featured Cameos)

Covid Test SAT 9/11
Filming – TUES 9/14
(*Call Time MAY be VERY very early in the morning
–MUST be available for BOTH listed dates. NO Fitting required
Testing Location: COVINGTON, GA
Filming Location: TBD – either Atlanta or Covington, GA (a $20 gas bump paid on Filming dates for travel to the Covington area)
Filming dates $168.00/12 (+$50 gas bump for Warm Springs filming locations)
Covid Test & Fitting dates $84.00/day (**NOTE: this rate is contingent on you showing up to work on set and will be paid in installments – $34.00/day guaranteed base rate for initial test/fitting with an additional $50.00/day (for each test/fitting) allowance added to your voucher on your work date. If you do not show up for the filming date, you will not be eligible for and will forfeit the $50/day allowance for any tests/fittings but will still be paid the $34/day guarantee)

Male, Latino, age range 30s-50, good interesting face, variety of types who could look like a da. NO visible tattoos or piercings
Male and Female, all ethnicities, age range 10-14 years old, skinny kids who could look “not well fed”. MUST have GDOL# or be able to get one online ASAP. Parent or guardian must test with Minor and be on set at all times
Male and Female, Latinx, age range 18-25 to LOOK YOUNGER, variety of types. Need a REAL COUPLE as these people will be cuddling and kissing in the back seat of a car (nothing racy, but need to be comfortable with physical contact)
Male, black, age range 18-25, rough, edgy, tougher looking, but fit & athletic, street ballers who know how to play basketball really well
TO SUBMIT for these roles:
Please send email ASAP to – thefirstladycasting@gmail.com with subject line: TUESDAY VIGNETTES (specify role)
Emails must include the following:
-First & Last Name
-Phone Number
-Email Address
-Height & Weight
-Clothing Sizes (must include men: suit jacket, waist, inseam, neck, sleeve shoe sizes. ladies: waist, bust, bra, hips, pants, shoe)
-Recent Color Photo

-Are you registered with On Location Casting

If you have not already registered with On Location Casting, please visit our website at www.onlocationcasting.net to create a FREE Online Talent Profile. This will put you into our database to be considered for this project as well as all of our new Atlanta area film, television, commercial, etc projects

(*NOTE: there is NO FEE to register with On Location Casting. You will be offered paid upgrade packages from our software company but you are under NO OBLIGATION to purchase anything and can disregard those requests. Your profile will be visible to the Casting Staff in our office with the basic FREE (Not-Active) account)

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