Central Casting (Georgia, USA)

New TV Show – QUEENS

Wednesday Covid Test 9/15
Friday Fitting 9/17
Wednesday Test 9/22
Friday Filming 9/24
Rate: Filming $250/8 Covid Test $25/2 +$75 stipend on first day of filming

Featured Role – Jessica is looking for male & female dancers 18+ that appear Caucasian with practical dancing experience in a hip-hop and/or classical styles – this is for a FEATURED ROLE that will be selected by the director – must have real experience you will not be choreographed but should have a solid understanding of dance moves and be able to take direction


If you are available for ALL listed dates, please send an email to Queens@CentralCasting.com with the following info:
1. Legal Name
2. Phone Number
4. Height & weight
5. Current clothing sizes
6. Current photo (taken within the last 7 days, Full body and Face with no filters) If you have any photos of you dancing that would also be helpful.
7. Please give us a description of your dance experience
Subject Line: “Dancer”

As a condition of working on set, you are required to get a paid Covid-19 test at a production sanctioned testing facility prior to any work date(s). Additional testing may also be done on workdays.
While at the test facility and on set, Production requires that a face mask that covers your nose and mouth be worn. All possible work dates are contingent upon clearing these tests.