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–small Wedding (1902)
Project: The First Lady
Project Type: Episodic
Union Status: NON-UNION
Rate of Pay:
Filming Date $168.00/12

COVID Tests & Fittings are paid at $84 for approx. 2 hours (* this rate is contingent on you showing up to work on set and will be paid in installments – $34.00/day guaranteed base rate for initial test/fitting with an additional $50.00/day (for each test/fitting) allowance added to your voucher on your work date. If you do not show up for the filming date, you will not be eligible for and will forfeit the $50/day allowance for any tests/fittings but will still be paid the $34/day guarantee.
THURS 09/09/2021 covid test
FRI 09/10/2021 fitting
TUES 09/14/2021 covid retest
THURS 09/16/2021 filming
Shoot Location:
Tests & Fittings are in COVINGTON.

Filming location TBD either Atlanta area or Covington
($20 gas allowance paid for Covington Filming locations).
Male, white, age range 20s -50s, natural looking, conservative. Men-suit jacket size 36-44, waist size 30-38, smaller average sizes accommodate period clothing. NO colored hair, NO modern/quirky haircuts, NO shaved/bald heads. NO visible tattoos or piercings (any arm/leg/wrist/ankle tattoos will not be accepted). FACIAL HAIR is OK but must be willing to allow it to be trimmed. MUST be willing allow Hair Dept give you a period appropriate hair cut (will be paid $15 if they need cut your hair)
Female, white, age range 20s-50s, natural looking, conservative, waist size 24-30″, bust size 32-36 (A-C cup only), smaller average sizes to accommodate period clothing. NO colored or overly highlighted hair, NO modern/quirky haircuts, NO visible tattoos or piercings (any arm/leg/wrist/ankle tattoos will not be accepted).
SUBMIT VIA EMAIL ASAP to: thefirstladycasting@gmail.com with subject line: WEDDING GUEST
Submissions must include all of the following:
-First & Last Name
-Phone Number
-Email Address
-Height & Weight
-Clothing Sizes (must include Men- suit jacket, waist, inseam, neck, sleeve shoe sizes. Ladies- waist, hips, bust, bra, shoes)
-Recent Color Photo

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