Hylton Casting

Hylton Casting is currently casting the following stand-in roles for the HBO Max Limited Series Staircase.

Stand-In Role:
Filming Dates:
Monday, 9/13/21
Tuesday, 9/14/21
Wednesday, 9/15/21
Thursday, 9/16/21
Friday, 9/17/21
-Please note, these dates are subject to change.
Call Time:
You must be available and prepared to work up to a 12 hour or longer filming day each day.
Filming Location:
Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas
$160/8 hours + BG COVID-19 testing bumps of a quarter check rate (for any date testing is required outside of a work date)

COVID-19 Testing Dates:
Thursday, 9/9/21
Friday, 9/10/21

-The test performed is a Covid-19 PCR Test.
-While at the test facility and on set, PPE must be worn.
-All possible work dates are contingent upon clearing these tests.
-If you are booked for this role, you will be sent additional testing details.

-You may not provide test results from another outside source. You MUST be tested by the STAIRCASE Health and Safety team regardless of vaccination status.

Submission Details:
Please click the following link to submit your information for consideration.
Thank you,
Hylton Casting