Casting Call

Project: Documentary Re-enactment Pool Scene

Production co: Filmsters

Producers: Patti White & Lee Anderson

Casting Director: Lauren Herrel


Location: Wilmington, NC (Will be shooting outside at the Shoals Club pool on Bald Head Island)

Date: Monday, September 13, 2021

Pay rate: PAID. See individual roles for rates

Time: 8:00 am arrival to take 8:30 am ferry

Must be available all day


This is a short cinematic documentary on shallow water blackout prevention based on the true story of Chandler Watson and the Watson family, who are working together to raise public awareness about the importance of safety in the water. This is a re-enactment scene with no lines. The story will be recreated with actors while told through interviews with the family and doctors. Those selected will need to do a short self-tape requested by the casting director ASAP.

All actors will be given $23 to cover Ferry ride roundtrip plus $40 for gas and travel. We will need to coordinate the ferry times so that our crew can pick actors up via golf cart upon arrival and take them to the location. Will need to bring bathing suit wardrobe for family roles. This scene will be shot outdoors but we will have an air-conditioned green room set up indoors for actors.

**All crew is vaccinated and will be wearing masks. Crew will test each actor upon arrival with a 15 min covid rapid test. You will be required to wear a mask upon arrival and submit to testing. Actors will be temperature checked and have to sign a short information form. Crew and talent will all be expected to wear masks except for meal breaks or while acting.**


*Please mention what city/town you’re located in in your submission notes if possible.

**Please see photos for reference for each role.

We are looking for actors who resemble the real-life characters. Only submit if you fit the description and photo.

CHANDLER – 27, Male. Tall (6ft+), dark hair, athletic build. (Chandler is 6’2”). Swimmer. He’s in the pool horsing around with his father and sister. They challenge each other to a swimming game of who can hold their breath underwater 2 lengths of the pool. This actor needs to be a good swimmer (although he won’t have to swim the whole pool, we will edit so it will be in spurts, but he should be able to swim under water comfortably.) Energetic and competitive. He will go limp underwater until his mother yells that something is wrong. He also needs to be able to act – no evidence of breathing scene, as he will be lifted out of the water and will be worked on by doctors. He was actually dead for 5 minutes. He will have some bluish makeup applied to him. When he comes to, he will play confused, and not understand what has happened to him. He will try to get up and be pushed back by his wife. Then the paramedics arrive and he will be lifted into an ambulance with his mother and wife by his side. PAY is $500 for the day, must agree to get into pool, wear waterproof makeup and red swim trunks. Email submission to:

CHAD – (Chandler’s father) 56, Male. Very tall 6’1+ and athletically built, full head of hair. (Chad is 6’3”) Will need to swim. Big personality, kidding around in the pool with his son. Always the comedian and like a big kid himself. He takes the challenge to swim both lengths but only makes it to one. He chides Chandler to see what he can do. Chad stands by in the water watching Chandler swim both lengths. They are all cheering him on. The mother on the sideline yells for Chad that something looks wrong, but everyone including the father shuts her down saying he is just showing everyone how long he can hold his breath beyond the swimming. The mother is now panicked and her voice forces Chad to lift Chandler up. As he does, he sees his son is lifeless, blue face etc. His whole demeanor changes and he carries his son trying to give him CPR to no avail. By the time he gets to the edge of the pool, a vacationing doctor has come onto the scene and helps Chad lift Chandler to the pool’s edge. The doctor starts immediate CPR. Chad shows fear and pain. PAY is $500 for the day, must agree to get into pool as needed and swim.
Email submission to:

TRISH – (Chandler’s mother) mid-50’s, Female. (5’7+) Slender and attractive, tall. (Trish is 5’9”). Trish is on the side of the pool enjoying some sun with her daughter Addie and her daughter-in-law, Erin. They are watching and commenting on the sidelines as Chad, Chandler and sister Gabby are playing the underwater breath holding game. This is a family used to this and all competitive activities. They are all rooting Chandler. When he touches the pool’s side underwater, Trish is expecting him to come up for air, but when he doesn’t, she yells out, that’s enough, something isn’t right. When he comes up and she sees he is lifeless, she yells to call 911 with fear and panic in her voice. She puts her arm around Chandler’s wife and gently comforts her, while watching what is happening to her son in total fear. PAY is $300 for the day.
Email submission to:

ERIN – 25, female. Wife of one year to Chandler. Shorter (5’-5’3”). Pretty, blond and petite (Erin is 5’1”). Erin is sitting in a chair with her sister-in-law Addie and her mother-in-law, Trish. They are having a relaxing vacation day poolside. She is amused by her husband playing competitive games in the pool with his family. When Trish comments on how long he is holding his breath she and Addie react that is Chandler “doing his thing”. Once Trish yells to get him out, Erin springs to life, realizing her husband is blue and lifeless. She goes into shock and starts dry heaving every time she looks his way. Trish responds to her by putting her arm around her and when they hear there is no pulse, she curls up in the fetal position crying and heaving. Trish works to guide her up and walks her over to Chandler telling her she has to be with him. When she sees he’s alive, she is dazed and overwhelmed. PAY is $300 for the day.
Email submission to:

ADDIE – late 20s-early 30s, Female. The oldest sibling and Chandler’s sister. Tall (Addie is 5’7”), athletic build body. She is the supportive older sister, always there for everyone. While sitting on the sidelines with Erin (sister-in-law), they are chatting and laughing and enjoying their day. Addie, cheers Chandler on loving the family competition and supporting the challenge. She and Erin are telling Trish to stop worrying about Chandler- ‘He knows what he is doing–done it a thousand times”. When Trish starts screaming from the sidelines at Chad to get him up, Addie locks eyes on the event. She watches her father pull a blue Chandler from the water. She sees the doctor working on him and realizes her brother is in real trouble. She completely freezes and is in shock. She is crying and shaking as two women from the pool area hold her and start praying with their hands up. Addie is not engaging- she has fallen apart. Once the doctor says there is a pulse, Addie slowly responds still in disbelief. PAY is $300 for the day.
Email submission to:

GRAHAM – 24, Male. (6ft+) Younger brother to Chandler. Tall and athletic (Graham is 6’2”). The boys are best friends as well as brothers. Graham had just been swimming with Chandler, Chad and Gabby in the pool before the incident occurred. He decided to take a golf cart back to the house to charge his phone for 10 minutes. When he left the scene is when the game began. Graham had no idea what was happening. When Trish realized Chandler might be gone, she calls him to get him back to the pool. Then the doctors found a pulse, so Trish calls Graham again to say that Chandler was alright, but he needed to get to the pool right away. Graham did not understand- he had just been with Chandler and he was fine. He races to the pool in the golf cart. When he gets there he sees the medics, doctors, the emotional family scene and the ambulance on site. He is very confused and scared. Graham has to deal with guilt that he wasn’t there and his family had to go through that without him, yet he is more comfortable in the aftermath because he never sees Chandler actually dead, as the rest did. PAY is $300 for the day, must be able to drive a golf cart.
Email submission to:

DOCTOR MARK PIEHL – 40’s, Male. Dr. Piehl came to the Shoals Club to meet his friends for a beer poolside. He has a house on the island and this is where he relaxes from his life as a pediatric ER doctor. When he hears Trish yell for help, he races over to the pool and jumps in the water to help Chad get his son out of the pool. Immediately he starts doing CPR and is joined by a female doctor who is also at the pool. Dr. Piehl describes the moment as ” I was doing CPR and nothing was happening and then these female hands came into his chest and started compressing. It was like an angel from above had arrived on the scene.” She gets tired and they switch positions. Eventually, those 5 minutes that Chandler was dead and seemed like 5 hours had delivered a pulse. Dr. Piehl turns Chandler over to the medics for transport. PAY is $300 for the day.
Email submission to:

DOCTOR IDIL AKTAN – 35, Female. Dr. Aktan was on vacation and just happened to be at the Shoals Club for the afternoon. She was talking with friends when all of a sudden, she hears someone yelling, call 911. She races over to the scene and sees Dr. Piehl doing CPR and she quickly starts chest compressions on Chandler. The two doctors change positions and continue to work together even though there is no pulse and they seem discouraged. All of a sudden, one of them says, we have a pulse. As Chandler came back to life they could see that he was not brain damaged, but they had to send him with the medics to be checked out. She was very moved by this experience. PAY is $300 for the day.
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