Central Casting (Georgia, USA)


Covid test dates: Monday 8/2 and Wednesday 8/4

Filming Date: Thursday 8/5
Rate: $150 / 12 for filming date, $37.50 for each covid test date.

Brandi is looking for a Minor Female background ages 4-6- to play the younger version of one of the main Actors in the show. The Actress is a Caucasian female, who has blonde hair. A Parent / Legal Guardian must test with your minor and be there for the filming date.

If you, or someone you know, is available the testing and filming dates and fits the description, please submit an e-mail with:
1) Full name
2) Current photos
3) Height
4) Weight,
5) Sizes
6) Parent / Guardian Information
7) Are you registered with Central casting?
If not does your minor have a photo ID or passport?

FK@Centralcasting.com. Please put YOUNG ELINOR in the subject line. Thanks. – Brandi