Tona B. Dahlquist Casting

HBO’s ” The Righteous Gemstones” BAPTISM FILMING DATES -RUSH CALL.JUST IN…Needing additional Baptism folks for the following:


* Friday 7/30 – Needing 10 More Baptism Guest.
* Monday 8/2 – Needing 25 More Baptism Guest.
* Tuesday 8/3 – Needing 14 More Baptism Guest.
* Wednesday 8/4 ( our recall from 7/22 filming) Needing 25 more
Baptism Guest.


IF AVAILABLE and have yet to submit Dates available, please let us know ASAP at with heading NEW BAPTISM DATES AVAIL.


Please include the following:
* Have you filmed any of the Baptism scenes yet ?( so we know if
you have established wardrobe or not)
* Are you fully vaccinated as of 2 weeks ago with card to prove
such? ( so we know how many tests you will need)
* Dates you are Available



*2 Current Cell phone photos ( a close up & a full length),

* Name, Phone, Age, Cit/State you reside, Height/Weight, Clothing Sizes, Shoe Size, Description of visible tattoos and piercings, color/make/model/year vehicle.