Central Casting (Louisiana)


*** ULTRA VIOLET – Filming in Chalmette, LA and greater New Orleans area – August – mid January (various dates) ***

We don’t have exact work dates but are looking for someone with flexible availability to work on the show! This may work 1 or more dates, per episode.

You do not have to be registered with Central Casting!

Please read thoroughly and submit only if you are available and okay with production’s requirements.

RATE: $175/12 hours

COVID Test (mid nasal): $100. You must test every 48 hours prior to a fitting or filming. Testing will be in Metairie.
Fitting Required in Chalmette, the first week of June. Rate: $43.75
**As a condition of working on set, Background Actors (including children and parents) will be subject to the same testing requirements as cast & crew in advance of work dates.**
Production will also require that anyone over the age of 8 wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth to be worn while on set and while at the testing facility.

PD “BS”: Seeking submissions for a Male (18+ years old) around 5’9”-6’0”” with about a 32-34 waist to work as the photo double for an actor. Please look at the photo below and submit if you are a close match for skin tone.

Please email the following to COMMERCIAL@CentralCasting.com

• CURRENT photo(s) of you in natural light (a face photo and one full length photo)
• Phone number
• Sizes (Height, Weight, Coat, shirt, pant (waist and inseam) and Shoe sizes)
• Use PD BS in the subject line of the email.

1). You should be the only person in the photo.
2). Please face the camera.
3). Only clear and well-lit photos will be considered.
4). Absolutely NO filters!