7 day shoot – August 2nd-8th, 2021 CHATTANOOGA, TN – PAID

Casting HOST/ON-CAMERA NARRATOR for corporate video shoot in Chattanooga, TN. Must be local to Chattanooga, TN (within a 2 hour drive.)

HOST/ON-CAMERA NARRATOR: Male or female, 30-45, any ethnicity. Confident & charismatic, conveys warmth. Must be comfortable delivering a monologue while walking and interacting/multi-tasking. 15-20 second segments of memorized material, for 7 different 45-second vignettes.

DATES: Monday, August 2nd – through Sunday, August 8th, 2021

LOCATION: Chattanooga, TN

HOURS: We will be shooting at a different location in the Chattanooga area each day. 7 different vignettes will be filmed. Host/Narrator will be on set for a 6 half days and 1 full day, TBD.

RATE: $500/day ($3,500 total for 7 day project.) Production will pay hotel, per-diem, and mileage.

USAGE: All rights buyout, in perpetuity.

AUDITION: Please submit audition using script below. Self-taped phone video is fine.

“What does it mean to “start thinking like tomorrow?”
No one knows what the future holds. But some things are certain.
Work will be done.
A new generation will come of age and make their voices heard.
Calling for us to do better, to make green decisions, which can’t be ignored.
Inspiration…will be delivered.
Puzzles will need solving.
Groceries are going to be bought so that lunches can be made.
And partnerships will be forged/grown/flourish
There is a thread that links all of us.
To take care of tomorrow you have to start today.
At TVA, every day has been spent thinking of tomorrow. “
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 5pm, Friday, July 23rd, 2021

TO SUBMIT: Please send the following information to with the subject line “HOST/ON-CAMERA NARRATOR”:

• Headshot (1)
• Full body shot (1)
• Reel
• Audition video – using script provided
• Age
• Height/Weight
• Clothing & shoe sizes
• Full name and contact information
• Your CURRENT CITY – (must live within 2 hours of Chattanooga, TN)
• Availability for August 2nd-8th, 2021