Casting Call

Production Title: LICKS: Chapter 1 The MOVIE

Union/ Non-Union: Non-Union

Production Type: Feature film

Production Length: 8-9 months

Production Location: Hampton Roads, VA/ Charlotte, NC

Production Company: Indastrets Film

Director(s): Marcellus Copeland/ Ben Elias

Producer: Marcellus Copeland

Writer: Marcellus Copeland

Casting Director(s): Marcellus Copeland, and Patrick Greene

Audition Location: Hampton Inn Hotel (Conf. Room) 8419 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC 28262

Shooting Locations: (Virginia) Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach
(North Carolina) Charlotte


Compensation: IMDB Credits, Food, Travel assistance, and Hotel coverage (if needed for out
of state filming)

Date & Time of Film Auditions: July 17th (10 30am-6pm)

Date & Time of Callbacks: (if selected) you will be contacted within 3-4 weeks

Synopsis of Project:

Tales of betrayal and murder when money gets involved in the “Street Life”.

This ensemble movie
introduces (Watts) A strong-willed, street smart, leader of a stickup crew who is desperate to get out of jail before his identity is revealed. Being a stickup kid around potential one-time
victims, without a weapon can lead to assaults coming from every direction You would think,
such a minor offense as spitting on your child’s mother, wouldn’t warrant being caged up with
rapists, robbers, and murderers. But with his criminal background, he was a “sitting duck”, until
trial. Proposed by a fellow inmate with strong underworld ties, Watts is offered his freedom, with
stipulations of hitting his biggest “Lick” ever… The target?… The Captain of the Norfolk Police
Department, who is currently supplying the Bloods AND the Crips with drugs he’s stealing from
the evidence room. Meanwhile, “Disco”, a drug kingpin from Norfolk, Virginia also sharing a
cellblock with Watts, has been throwing his money around the city jail, paying for mob-assaults
and face slashings throughout the penal system. Known to be a “pretty boy”, Disco always felt
he had to force his hand to get respect, So when his younger brother, “Stinka”, starts to spread
his wings within the drug game, with an iron rod fist, Disco’s jealousy for the respect he yearned
but lacked, turns into a sibling rivalry that goes fatally wrong