Casting Call

TSM Ent3rprise

Production Information Project Name: Crossover

Project Type: Feature

Union: Non-Union (Sag Ultra-Low Possible)

Genre: Drama Production Company: Fulmore

Films Director: D’Aja Fulmore

Producer: Fulmore Films

Casting: TSM Ent3rprise

Project Start Date: July 5, 2021

Project Wrap Date: July 12, 2021 Total

Shooting Days: 7

Synopsis Crossover: An urban drama that tells the story of Lena, a woman whose life is crashing after her husband has gone to prison. Lena is left to make decisions that lead to a love triangle that soon ends in tragedy, as she finds herself in the middle of a battle that is much bigger than her.

Character Breakdowns

Miles|Male|6YO| Supporting| African American The young actor, age 6, needs to play the role of lead actress’ young son. Presents himself as a sweet boy, very soft spoken, loves his dad and mom (PAID) $200

Black’s Mom|Female|45-60|Supporting|African American Black woman, Age 50, stern mother, almost Angela Basset type, a mother warns Black of going down the wrong road, making fast money (PAID) $200

Glitter|Male|30-40|Supporting|African American Gay, black man for salon ’30s or ’40s, eccentric personality, loudmouth of the salon (Paid) $200

Lena’s Mom|Female|45-60|Featured Extra| African American Black woman, age 50, soft mother, almost like Loretta Devine, more seen as a pushover, has an intense argument with the lead actress. (credit only)

Detective| Male| 35-48|Featured Extra| Caucasian Arresting Officer (credit only)

Pastor | Male| 48-60|Featured Extra| African American An older black male (credit only)

Club Goers |Male & Female|21-UP| Extras| All Ethnicities| July 10, 2021, Club Goers to be in a scene with Jamal Woolard, best known for portraying the Notorious B.I.G in the film Notorious (credit only)

Strip Mall Goers| Male & Female|18-Up|Extras|All Ethnicities| July 9, 2021, and or July 12, 2021 Extras to portray shoppers (credit only)

Restaurant Patrons| Male & Female|18-Up|Extras| All Ethnicities| July 5, 2021 Extras to portray patrons Salon Goers| Female|18-Up| Extras| African American| July 11, 2021 Salon Goers

Submission Info Submit headshot, resume, reel via email to Subject of email as the character you are submitting for.

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