Central Casting (Georgia, USA)

New TV Series


Date: Covid Test Tuesday 6/8; Filming Wednesday 6/9
Location: Atlanta (Test in Decatur from 6am-11am)
Rate: $20/2 (Covid Test Rate); $80/8 + $25 Filming Rate

Elizabeth is looking for men and women 18+ who have large vehicles – Big trucks (F150s / Tacomas / Silverados etc) Lifted vehicles, Jeep Wranglers, Hummers – sporty big vehicles (No sedans)
Must be in good condition / no dents, discoloring etc / No Bright Red / White / Black – must have current tags and insurance


If this is you please submit the following information:
1. Legal Name
2. Phone Number
3. Are you registered with Central Casting
4. What is the year / make / model / color of your vehicle
5. Please send us photos of yourself and your vehicle
Subject: Big Vehicle

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