Central Casting (Georgia, USA)


**Feature Film** Senior Year

Covid Test: WEDNESDAY 6/16/21

Testing Rate: $30

Filming: FRIDAY 6/18, MONDAY 6/21, TUESDAY 6/22

Filming Rate: $80/8 + $15 Wardrobe Bump

Filming location: Downtown Atlanta, GA

If you are not yet registered with Central Casting, we will require you to attend a registration meeting before the 6/18 Covid test, this will fully register you with Central Casting & make you available to book any & all gigs with us!
Role: Prom Background! We are looking for Men & Woman, able to portray any ethnicity, and able to portray age 15-18. This is a large high school prom scene. You will be required to provide your own prom formal wear (dresses for females, suits & tuxes for men)
Must pass COVID test to work. Even if you test negative, you are not confirmed for work unless we send you details confirming shoot day.
MUST be available all work dates & covid test date.
If this is you, please submit to senior@centralcasting.com, subject line ‘PROM’. Please include the following in your submission:
1. Legal Name
2. Contact Phone Number
3. Contact email address
4. Current clothing sizes (include height & weight)
4. A photo of you in your prom attire!***REQUIRED
5. Please let us know if you are registered with us, if you are UNREGISTERED – please include a date that you are available to register with us.