Casting Call

Searching for an Actress who can play a woman with Supernatural Abilities.

We need someone consistent for the part and will dedicate their time to the character.

This is an ongoing series. It is episodic.

All filming will take place in Raleigh, NC. Other parts of NC are possible.

Filming begins in June this year. Three days of filming for each episode. Not every day.

This will be split up depending on the availability of the Actress.

IMDB and copies of the series will be provided. Food is always provided during filming days also.

This is not paid. Although we’ll be doing funding for the film. I know everyone would love to get paid for what they love to do. On another note, we will be setting up a donation and funding for (Foster Homes). This film does revolve around foster care in some scenes and their backstory.

The age we’re looking for is 27-40. Please be in that age range. Nobody under that age will be accepted because of the age gap between the actor. The Character Appearance: Caucasian, Russian, Eastern European, Mediterranean, Latin or mixed. Dark features are a plus. There is kissing and being close in this film so you must be comfortable with it. There is no nudity in this film.

We’ve filmed the first intro of the episode already. A preview link will be provided below. So if you’re looking to play a superhero with some real cinematic filming, please submit a headshot along with a full-body shot.

If you’ve done anything else before you can send us that also.

A preview of the film: “The Light of Darkness” Preview – YouTube