Tona Dahlquist

HBO’s ‘The Righteous Gemstones”, CHARLESTON, SC.

Needing for month of May…..Looking ahead:


* 1 EXPEREINCED Female Stand (Caucasian) Average height/weight, Temp Position. Needed the entire week of 5/17 -5/21 as well as Monday 5/24. Will need to be tested (next week) prior to working Monday 5/17.


5/19 & 5/20 -Wives for several characters (mid 30’s -40’s -all races), 1 Elderly Male to portray character dad(Caucasian or African American). MUST be avail BOTH DATES
Kids Choir has been selected, Choir Director selected, Young Investor options have been sent to Director. Awaiting his selects. Staff to be booked today.
SUBMIT with heading 5/19 & 5/20 WIFE/ DAD


5/21 -To be Photo selected by Director. Seeking Unusual /Character Type /Unique & Interesting Faces. Not pretty/preppy faces. 1 Gas Station Clerk, 5 Station Patrons.
SUBMIT with heading 5/12 GAS STATION AVAIL.


5/24 – 1 Male or Female with Motorcycle (include picture of bike as well) 15 Food Patrons with cars (no white or red vehicles, 5 Food Staff.
SUBMIT with heading 5/24 AVAIL


5/25 -We have 2 different groups filming this date.
1) Gemstones Youth Group – 55 Kids ages 8 -16 yrs, 3 Former Youth Group ages 18 -21, 5 Youth Group Leaders.
SUBMIT with heading 5/25 YOUTH GROUP
2) FLASHBACK /Period Scene. 13 Bowlers (to include a couple kids), 2 Bowling Attendants,
3 Females with cast (to be photo selected by Director Ages 40’s thru early 50’s Rougher looking types).
SUBMIT with heading 5/25 BOWLING REQUEST


5/26 – 4 Tough Wrestler /Body Guard types with cars.
Should look intimadating.
2 Helicopter Pilots.
SUBMIT with heading 5/26 AVAIL.


5/27 & 5/28 -Additional MUSCLE MEN Needed for Kelvin’s Squad. 4 Needed for 5/27 & 5/28 (BOTH dates), 2 Needed 5/28 Only. Should be PUMPED /CUT/BUFF. Include shirtless photo for full length.


SUBMISSIONS should be sent to with headings as listed above.
PLEASE INCLUDE – 2Current Cellphone Photos (Close up & Full Length) Name, Phone, Age, City/State you reside, Height/Weight, Clothing Sizes, Shoe Size, Color /Make/Model/Year Vehicle you drive, Description of visible tattoos & Piercings.