Central Casting (Georgia, USA)

Raising Dion

Testing: Saturday (Testing Window: 6am – 2pm)

Filming: Tuesday 5/11

Location: In Atlanta, GA

Rate: $100/10 ($25 for your pre-employment covid test)


Elizabeth is looking for men and women 18+ to portray various cafe roles (Patron / Bartender / Busser / ETC)


You do NOT need to be registered at Central Casting but must be able to complete an I-9 before work.


Must pass COVID test to work. Even if you test negative, you are not confirmed for work unless we send you details confirming shoot day. Masks are required at ALL TIMES unless filming

If this is you and you’re available to test on Saturday and film on Tuesday please submit the following information
1. Full Legal Name
2. Phone Number (if we would like to book you we will CALL you)
3. Current photos (full body and face photo – no filters)
4. Current Wardrobe Sizes (Shirt / Pants / Shoes / Height / Weight / Dress)
5. Have you worked on Raising Dion this season? If so in what role?
Send all of the above information to: RAISINGDION@CENTRALCASTING.COM subject line: TUES CAFE