Casting call


Short Film

SAG/AFTRA Production – PAID

Shoot Dates : Early June 2021 (one to two days) in San Antonio, Texas

Written By : Calvin J. Walker and Cedric Thomas Smith

Directed By : Cedric Thomas Smith

Produced By : Scott Langford, Patsy V. Whitfield, and Cedric Thomas Smith

Delores Jameson – LEAD – 40’s. – The mother of a convicted rapist, who has been socially indicted for the crimes committed by her son. Delores reluctantly agrees to an interview where her role as a parent is dissected, so that she may move on from the burden of supposed guilt. At times vulnerable and at times blistering, Delores can volley between emotions easily while still maintaining her guarded composure.

Instructions : Please submit demo reel to Casting will reach out to those

selected to audition via self-tape