Casting in Louisville, KY.

Nonunion shoot April 10-11 and/or 17-18. Copy, credit, meals. Email for sides.

Self-tape due March 18. ROBERT SHAW 40-55

Father hiding his family in an unregistered church. Unwilling to take chip. He wires his family to a detonator and threatens to blow them up if he’s not allowed to stay underground.

BISHOP transgender look. 35-75. recurs in Ep. 2
Clergy; a puppet in the New Nation

Less than 6’. Under 170 lbs. Helps Jon (main character) to washroom, only to be ambushed.

MRS. SHAW 40-55
Mother hiding with family in an underground church because her family is unwilling to take chip. Pleads with husband to release them from the detonator – he’s threatened to blow them up if the One World Order interferes.

NURSE MORTON female or male 25-60
Gentle Medical professional brimming with TLC but quick to comply with New Nation’s regulations that require insertions of the chip

NURSE STEIN (female or male) (25-60)

OFFICER LOU (male or female)

AGENT 1 and 2 (FBI)

JORDAN BECKETT (age 8-11) male or female.
MARTHA BECKETT 30-45 Christian busted for being in underground Bible study.

BOB BECKETT 25-60 busted for being in underground Bible study