Casting Call for a UNCSA 3rd Year Thesis Film Shooting in Winston-Salem

Non Union Student Film – No pay

Shooting dates: March 27th-29th

Submission requests: please send a headshot and a photo of the backs of your hands with your submission. Submissions can be sent to

Project title: PRISM

Description: In their final days, an artificial being becomes aware of their existence as a tourist attraction and attempts to escape the nightmarish civilization that holds them captive.


[NOBLES] 40’s – early 60’s. The Nobles are a gluttonous group of elites enjoying the byproducts of the exploitative system the artificial beings are created and contained in. Clothed in prized furs and medallions, they feast in dungeon-like dining chambers and revel in their secretive dominion, perpetuating the cyclical system that benefits them.

Please let me know what else you’ll need from us to post this call.

Thanks you!