Bite (Feature Film/Non-Union/North Carolina)

Non-Union Feature Film Casting in North Carolina


Mother: Caucasian or Mixed Race woman over 50.

Father: Caucasian man over 50.

Brothers & Sisters: Any race, 18-40

Please send headshots/reels and resumes with current contact information and your home city to:

Most of the roles for this shoot will be one day and will be shot either outdoors near Chapel Hill, NC or indoors (COVID protocols pending) near Raleigh,NC. The majority of them will receive a small amount of pay (similar to local background/extra rates) but will only require a few hours of time for talent. We are particularly interested in people who have good comic timing and the ability to improv from given scenarios or from outlined pages with a just a few lines who are very expressive of happiness and sadness. This will potentially be excellent camera time even for small amounts of lines.



Bite, LLC