Central Casting (Georgia, USA)

Raising Dion

Testing: Saturday 2/20 – typically morning testing times

Filming: Tuesday 2/23

Testing Rate: $37.50

Filming Rate: $150/12

Location: Atlanta Area

Elizabeth is looking for a male 18+ who appear Hispanic and height between 6’3-6’5 with a waist no larger then 38- to work as a stand in – Stand in experience is preferred

*see photo below*

You do not need to be registered but must be able to complete an I-9 before working and must be able to present required documents on set

Must pass COVID test to work. Even if you test negative, you are not confirmed for work unless we send you details confirming shoot day.

If this is you and you’re FULLY available please submit via e-mail with the following information (if all information is not provided you will not be considered for this role)

1. Legal Name
2. Contact phone number
3. Current sizes (height / weight / waist)
4. Current photos (Head shot and full body – no filters please)
5. Please let us know if you’re registered with us
send all of this to raisingdion@centralcasting.com subject line: ‘SI Tues’