Central Casting (Georgia, USA)

Show: Raising Dion

Rate: Covid Test = $25 & Filming = $100/10 + $25

Date: Covid Test on Monday 1/25 & Filming on Wednesday 1/27

Location: Atlanta (Exterior Scene)

Drivers: We are looking for background 18+ to work with their vehicles – you do NOT need to be registered with Central Casting but MUST have documents to fill out an I9 on set

Vehicles: No Red / White / Black Cars – No dings / dents / or scratches

Must be available to Covid test on Monday at the stages – times will be assigned by production. Must have full availability on Wednesday.

If this is you please submit your photos and sizes / as well as your vehicles information (year/make/model/color) and photos of your vehicle. Sent all the information to:
Subject: Wed Car