Casting Call

Casting Male 25-40 As Underwear Spokesperson (must have Australian Accent)

I am producing a long form ad for my product Under Pockets, Pockets Down Under. I will be casting a spokesperson similar to videos done by Harmon Brothers (Squatty Potty, Fiber Fix, Poo Pourri, Lumi). To keep the video engaging, I have written a lot of australian stereotypes and it is essential that the spokesperson casted can speak with an australian accent.

I plan to shoot sometime in February and estimate a 1 Day shoot somewhere between Winston-Salem and Raleigh, NC.

This spokesperson does not need to be ripped or even appear without a shirt (although this is a plus). They will need to model the underwear but can also wear a white T. For this ad, the comedy is more important.

Budget is flexible but also not incredibly high as this is a brand new business and a very niche product.

Please send a headshot and resume if interested to

Under Pockets Long Form Script

Nate Berry