Well Dang! Productions

Well Dang! Productions casting various roles for satirical comedy feature filming in Upstate SC, Western NC

Well Dang! Productions is casting male and female roles for the satirical feature “The Gospel of Ted.”

Logline: Ferrari Thunderbird Taylor is getting ready to leave South Carolina behind her forever and start a new life in the Queen City – until her deadbeat husband exchanges all their hard-earned money for crypto currency at the behest of a shadowy cult figure, known only as Ted. Before her new life can begin, Ferra must dismantle Ted’s legion of apocalypse-preppers, restore her husband’s sanity and salvage what’s left of her good name.

Scenes will be filmed with a very small cast and crew following NC Covid protocols. Project is non-union, pay to be negotiated.

Roles to be cast:

• Mooky – early 20s, outdoor marketing professional – aka a sign flipper. Bored by his day job, yet not motivated to do any better. Michael Cera-type.
• Recruiter – male, 40-60s; no-nonsense corporate operative with a hidden agenda.
• Hank – late-50s, male – think Chris Elliot in Schitt’s creek. Bonus points for a combover. He has delusions of grandeur about his work doing marketing for everything-must-go sales.
• Extorter – very tough male, muscular build, 40s. Mercenary mentality. His only weakness is his love for his dogs.
• Security Guard – pleasant and mild-mannered. Either male or female, 30s-40s.
• Bartender – Grizzled man, 40-50s. Tends bar by day, but seems to exist mentally on some higher cosmic plane.
• Jenni – Mid 20s, droll goth chick. Highly susceptible to conspiracy theories, determined to fight the power.

If interested, please send a head shot and your reel or a recent acting example to lindsay@welldang.com Please indicate the name of the character you’d like to audition for in the subject line.

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